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  • Gel Soles

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    SUNBED Gel Insoles - Blue

    Blue gel insoles by Sunbed. Quality manufactured in Germany. With the following features: Cushioning of your steps, takes away the pressure of feet, natural build, washeble, longlasting. Wash them in the machine with 30 C bevore you wear them. The Gel Soles will last longer and they are easier to clean.

    • gel insole color: Blue
    • Made in Germany
    • waschable at 30 C
    • Can be cut to adjust
    • Original Gel Soles

    FABFIVE24 Tip: Employment: Sportshoes, Workshoes, Leisureshoes, Heelys.

    Gel Soles are made in Germany! They can only produce 20 Soles in one Hour!